About Us

Widely regarded as the gold standard for editorial professionalism, The Huckington Post is a satirical disc golf news site that is constantly pushing the envelope of journalistic integrity.

With the exception of the content, everything on The Huckington Post is rigorously reviewed, analyzed, and fact-checked by a team of over 200 doctors, polymaths, Nobel Laureates, and Mensa members.

Meet the Team

Anne Heiser

Founder & CEO

According to a study by Harvard Business Review – three common traits among successful CEOs are reliability, adaptability, and quick decision making. Well, Anne Heiser doesn’t have any of those traits but that didn’t stop her from founding The Huckington Post.

When Anne gave up her cushy 9 figure salary and left her family behind to pursue her dream of running a disc golf news site, many people thought it was incredibly irresponsible, and some even said: “But why did you have to leave your family? It doesn’t make any sense; they loved you.”

A few months after founding The Huckington Post, Anne remarried. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and teaching her new daughters how to play disc golf.

Chase Khard

Editor & Lead Writer

When it comes to hucking discs, Chase Khard is one of the best in the business. The unofficial ‘Michelangelo of Disc Hucking’ Chase has never seen a disc he didn’t want to huck.

Chase’s fascination with discs started at a young age. He first cut his teeth with floppy and compact discs, before eventually graduating to bulging and herniated discs in his teenage years. Once Chase got his hands on his first disc golf disc in college, he knew his life would never be the same again.

When Chase isn’t writing about disc golf, playing disc golf, or organizing his vintage apothecary jar collection, you can find him playing guitar for his medieval folk-rock band, The Koling Stones.

Star F. Raime

Social Media Manager

With over 55 years of experience as a Tik Tok influencer; Star F. Raime is no stranger to going viral.

Star has been through a lot in her life. In 1972 she was kidnapped by a Somali drug lord and held captive in the jungle for over 17 years.

Luckily she was able to confiscate her captor’s iPhone 11, and through a series of geo-tagged Snapchat videos, Star was finally rescued in 1989.

What Star lacks in disc golf industry expertise, she certainly makes up for with personality, soap opera trivia, and first-hand POW experience.

Star brings a vibrant and salacious energy to the culture at The Huckington Post that is infectious, and often described as “borderline inappropriate.”

Hei Sirbahm

Director of Fashion

Despite being voted ‘Worst Dressed’ and ‘Least Likely to Have a Career in the Fashion Industry’ by both high schools he was expelled from, Hei Sirbahm has had tremendous success with his fashion career.

His third attempt at high school proved successful when he was finally able to stay sober just long enough to graduate.

After graduating high school, Hei used his few remaining brain cells to start applying to colleges. To no one’s surprise, none of the schools seemed interested in him, presumably due to his terrible grades and genuine lack of common sense.

Through a series of totally coincidental events, Hei was miraculously accepted into an Ivy League school immediately following his father’s generous 2 million dollar donation to the school’s athletics program.

After receiving his Doctorate degree from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in Paris, Hei spent the first 15 years of his career as a runway model before transitioning into his role at The Huckington Post.

Lee Deckard

Director of Magic

How do disc golf discs magically fly through the air for such long distances? No one really knows.

To answer this question; we decided to hire someone who is no stranger to unexplainable pseudoscience: Lee the Magician from my son’s 8th birthday party.

Unfortunately, Lee hasn’t been able to figure out how discs fly yet, but he has certainly figured out how to entertain our employees.

Some people may say that the workplace “isn’t an appropriate setting for necromancy,” but nothing boosts office morale more than watching Lee perform his trademarked ‘Unshaven Caucasian Levitation™’ floating disc routine!

Mae Kin Minnies

Director of Leisure

We work hard to keep our workplace a fun and relaxing environment but there’s one thing we absolutely do not tolerate: employees who don’t take leisure seriously. Luckily we have Mae to straighten them out for us.

Coming from a long line of violent war criminals, Mae has been able to take what she learned from her childhood and implement it into her training program.

Comfort & Leisure magazine may have called her unconventional coaching style “unnecessarily aggressive” and “verbally abusive”, but Mae’s 99% success rate speaks for itself.

Known for her lack of empathy and patience, the most memorable thing about Mae is her famous motto: “I’m going to force relaxation down your miserable throat whether you like it or not!”

Ova Stabel

Data Security Analyst

Some people may think that it’s unethical to work a five-year-old child for 60 hours per week, and they are probably right.

We were introduced to Ova Stabel at the 1983 Manhatten Data Convention where he was a keynote speaker. Well, it turned out that Ova’s entire “presentation” was just one long pitch to get us to join his multi-level marketing pyramid scheme.

We made a strategic decision buy-in to Ova’s marketing scheme, and over the course of several months we were able to convince him to come work for us.

Ova’s contract negotiation was a long and arduous process, but eventually, we won him over by offering him two extra juice boxes per week – on top of his seven-figure salary.

Ova has never mentioned anything about his parents and we have never asked.

Raptor L’aigs


Behind every great company there’s an even greater mascot, and last summer we came within six inches of running ours over.

Raptor L’aigs was rescued from the side of the road on the Las Vegas strip after narrowly escaping death.

He traded in his capricious lifestyle filled with degenerate gambling and debauchery, for a new life filled with organic lettuce and slow meandering.

Raptor had never been exposed to disc golf prior to joining our team, and he instantly fell in love.

He currently holds the world record for longest distance drive in the Reptile division at an impressive 81-inches.

Raptor plans to spend the remaining 85 years of his life helping troubled amphibians turn their life around through disc golf therapy, and his dream is to one day caddie for Calvin Heimburg.

Phu Kintrey

Director of First Impressions

Everyone knows that the first and the third impressions are the most important of the impressions.

Most people are terrible at first impressions, but I promise you Phu Kintrey is worse. We only hired her because we were scared of what would happen if we said no.

Not only is Phu bad at her job, but she is also the laziest and most negative person I have ever met. She literally hates everything.

Here are just a few of the things I’ve overheard Phu telling our clients that she hates:

  • Freedom
  • Relaxing
  • Harambe
  • Being happy
  • Not being sick
  • Not being in jail
  • Her own opinion
  • Her favorite song
  • Fresh clean sheets
  • Breathing fresh air
  • A good nights sleep
  • Getting a tax refund
  • Seeing an old friend
  • Free wifi/fast internet
  • Seeing the underdog win
  • The cool side of her pillow
  • Finding money in her old clothes
  • Receiving genuine compliments
  • Taking off her shoes after a long day of work