Aspiring Actor Is Hopeful His Jomez Gallery Footage Will Land Him On The Hollywood Big Screen

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – Aspiring actor and model Adam Belford is hoping to finally make it in the film industry after attending a professional disc golf tournament last weekend.

“The hardest part was pretending like I wasn’t looking at the camera,” said Belford. “Luckily I’m good under pressure and absolutely crushed it.” He added.

“There was a group of young kids following the lead card, so I never had to worry about being out of frame. I just kept following them, and as soon as the cameras were rolling, I stood right in front of them – blocking their view. It was so easy. Stupid kids.” He laughed.

“Getting in was a cakewalk” Adam explained. “I just told security I was Calvin Heimburg’s twin brother, and they let me walk right onto the course.” You can literally tell them whatever you want, they are so gullible.”

Adam went on. “I tried to showcase a variety of poses in my footage, but was only able to get about 10-15 wardrobe changes in. I was hoping for at least 20, so I’m thinking about reaching out to Jomez directly to see if they could like CGI me into an astronaut or firefighter costume or something like that.”

Belford said the most challenging part of the event was predicting what angle the cameras would be filming from. “There were a few times that I guessed wrong and would have been out of frame,” he explained. “But all I had to do was kick the players dumb little frisbee thing a few feet over so that I would be in line with the camera.”

When asked what he hopes to get out of the footage, Belford said: “I’m just hoping that someone in the film industry notices me and reaches out. I have like five social media burner accounts,” he elaborated, “and have been tagging some of the bigger talent agents on the videos. I just need them to see my work and I know they’ll want me.”

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