5 Reasons Why Calvin Heimburg Might Literally Be Bigfoot

Calvin Heimburg

Have you ever found yourself 20 minutes into a Jomez video and wondered if you were actually watching the Animal Planet show Finding Bigfoot?

You were probably watching professional frisbee thrower Calvin Heimburg, and you might not have been far from the truth.

Here are five reasons we think Calvin might actually be Bigfoot.

1. He Walks Like Bigfoot

The next time you are watching Calvin on the course try this: Squint your eyes until everything starts to get a little blurry and then try to distinguish between Calvin and Bigfoot. It is impossible.

The way he walks resembles Bigfoot so closely that a team of Bigfoot experts actually use Jomez footage of Calvin at their lectures to show what to look for when tracking Bigfoot.

We spoke with a recent attendee of one of these lectures who had this to say: “I still can’t believe the footage we saw was of a professional frisbee thrower and not Bigfoot. I had to re-watch it several times and I’m still not totally convinced.”

“If Bigfoot is real I think he would try to blend in as a normal human, and what better environment to do that than at a frisbee golf match.” She elaborated.

“You can see his ape-like superhuman strength every time he crushes his super flippy 2021 Tour Series Halo Star Destroyer 600 feet down the fairway. I mean, how else can you explain that power?”

2. Same Hair As Bigfoot

It’s hard to tell if Calvin Heimburg is more famous for his hairstyle or for his athleticism on the disc golf field. His signature curly unkempt hair is so popular that Good Clips Hair N’ Care made it one of their specialty cuts (just ask for the ‘Vinny Special’).

To the casual observer, Calvin may appear to have a normal amount of arm hair. But an anonymous source (whose name rhymes with Faige Fierce) told us that she has seen him shaving his arms right before a tournament on several different occasions.

Is he shaving his arms to make himself more aerodynamic when throwing frisbees, or is the real reason to hide his true identity?

3. Same Body Type As Bigfoot

This might be the most convincing of all the reasons.

Calvin has so many physical features in common with Bigfoot that it’s almost easier to list the features they don’t have in common.

Don’t believe me? Just to name a few:

  • Long lanky arms
  • Long lanky legs
  • Enormous footprint
  • Bushy eyebrows
  • Curly unkempt hair (see #2)
  • Slender but athletic frame
  • Large hands
  • Big girthy fingers
  • Sharp canine teeth

4. Both Are Mysterious

Much like Bigfoot – very little is known about Calvin Heimburg. He is also notoriously a man of very few words, especially during interviews.

Heather Young, an avid disc golfer and Calvin fan, told us about an experience she had meeting him at Ledgestone. “I don’t think anyone actually saw him at the tournament until his autograph signing,” she said. “I followed his card the entire second day, but hardly ever saw him. He was always somehow in the woods and just kept vanishing into the trees before I could get a picture of him.”

“After the round, I waited for over ten hours in line to get his autograph” Heather explained. “But when I finally got to the front of the line and turned around to grab my Sharpie, he was already gone. I’m still not even sure if he was really at the tournament.”

5. Both Love Nature

Whenever interviewers ask Calvin what he likes to do in his free time, his answer always includes hiking, nature, or being outdoors.

Sound familiar?

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