Online Disc Golf Shop Sells Out Of Mystery Boxes Full Of Last Year’s Unwanted Discs

Photo of a man holding a disc golf mystery box

OGDEN, UT – Online disc golf shop has reportedly sold out of “Mystery Boxes” during their Black Friday promotional sale.

“The funny thing is; I don’t even ship them in boxes,” says Tate Weinhold, the owner of the shop. “They get shipped in the cheapest bubble mailers I can find so I can save on shipping. People don’t even care, they just see the word “mystery” and can’t click the Add To Cart button fast enough.”

“A lot of the discs are pretty much worthless,” he explained. “I just take all the crap from last year that no one wanted, call them ‘mystery discs,’ and BOOM – instantly sold out. The only “mystery” is how long I’m going to wait to ship them once they are ordered. My average is about ten days but I was able able to get it up to over three weeks last year.”

Mr. Weinhold continued, “The funny thing is that I’m actually charging people more for the discs than if they purchased them individually. I guess people just don’t bother to do the math or something but no one has complained about it yet so I’m going to see how much more I can keep raising the prices.”

“People are literally paying $100+ for discs that they could have purchased individually for $80. But of course, they would never do that because these are discs that they never wanted in the first place.” He said while laughing. “I don’t even play disc golf, but after seeing how dumb these customers are I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to start my own copycat shop.”

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