Reformed Drug Dealer Forced To Sell Drugs Again To Maintain His Tour Series Disc Collection

STOCKTON, CA – A former drug dealer is forced to return to his old lifestyle in order to keep up with all the tour series disc golf discs being released.

Nathan Pascal is a thirty eight year old man who was recently released from prison after serving thirteen years for drug-related charges.

While incarcerated, Nathan was approached by Evangelical Disc Golfers Against Drug Dealing (EDGADD), who helped him see the error in his old lifestyle as a drug dealer. EDGADD helped Nathan channel his drug dealing urges through disc golf and taught him the mantra “when the urge to deal hits, reach for your discs.”

Nathan was released from prison in January of 2020 – at the peak of the Covid disc golf boom.

“When I first got out of prison I was doing great” Nathan explained, “I did everything Paul McBeth from EDGADD told me to; got a job, quit drug dealing, and poured myself into disc golf.”

“But see, tour series discs weren’t around before I got locked up. I started to collect them, and that’s where things started going downhill.”

“They hook you in with limited edition stamps and signatures from the pros.” He said. “At first I didn’t understand the hype, but eventually I caved and bought a 2020 Calvin Heimburg Tour Series Swirly Star Destroyer because the galaxy-themed stamp was just too good to pass up.”

“Once I got the disc in my hands I immediately realized why so many people wanted these discs. I felt like I added an extra fifty feet to my drive just by holding it; honestly, it was almost an erotic experience.”

“That was my gateway drug.” Said Nathan, “Then it was the Eagle McMahon Cloudbreaker. Then the 2020 Champion Glow Sexton Firebird. And at that point, I was completely hooked.”

Nathan continued, “I started buying every tour series disc I could get my hands on – just like Pokemon, I had to collect them all. Within the first month I already had more discs than I could fit in my bag. Which was fine because some of them were too pretty to throw anyways.”

“By the second month, I was already spending more on discs than I was making from my construction job. But I knew the Simon Lizotte Tilt was dropping soon and I needed to get cash fast. There was no way I was missing that drop, so my only option was to start dealing again.”

“The rate that these discs come out is unreal.” He said. “The companies know what they are doing too, it’s not much different than the drug industry. To be honest, I know drug addicts who are less addicted to heroin than some of my disc golf buddies are to discs.”

We asked Nathan if he had any plans to stop dealing and he said: “I mean, in a perfect world I wouldn’t have to deal. But as long as they keep making these discs I really don’t see another option.”

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