Suspicion Grows In Facebook Disc Community As Porsche Owning Seller Posts 27th Strait “Charity” Auction

DALLAS, TX – Members of a popular Facebook disc collector group are beginning to grow suspicious of an individual they say has been posting “charity” auctions at an alarmingly frequent rate.

A recent trend in some of these groups is to donate the money to a charity, Gofundme, or other philanthropic (totally real) cause. There is no way to check if the money is actually donated afterwords, making it a prime opportunity for sellers with ill motives.

One of these alleged sellers, Chad M$neybag$, has been frequently posting these charity auctions, and several member are growing suspicious.

“I’m starting to think that he’s just doing it to get higher bids,” said Chris Monroe, a long-time member of the group. “I mean, is it even possible for his mom to have six terminal illnesses all diagnosed within a week of each other?”

“Yeah but it’s not just his mom,” added Sean Jeffries, an administrator in the group. “He also just bought a new Porsche, and he hasn’t had a job in well over a year. I’ve got a weird feeling about it, bro.”

“100%,” responded Chris. “And the worst part is that everyone is too afraid to call him out on it. Like, what if his mom really did total her car, on the way home from getting diagnosed with cancer and Covid, on the same day she got fired, right after her house burned down? No one wants to ruin his reputation in the group because it’s literally all he has in his life.”

“Well, and his new Porsche.” Said Sean. “But yeah, I know what you mean bro.”

It’s been six weeks, and neither Chris nor Sean have done anything to resolve the situation.

Chad M$neybag$ is still a member of the group, and he currently has five charity auctions posted.

Sean is the highest bidder on three of them.

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