Jeremy Koling Receives Emmy Nomination For Performance In 2021 Worlds Commentary

Jeremy Koling Posing With Fan

LOS ANGELES, CA – Jeremy “Big Bird” Koling was nominated for an illustrious Emmy Award for his acting performance during the 2021 Frisbee Golf World Championships. The footage went viral after a man in Jesus cosplay scored a goal with his favorite frisbee to win the tournament.

Koling works with Jomez Productions, a media company that somehow makes a living traveling around the country filming frisbee contests. He narrates over the footage after each match is recorded, so he knows the results prior to filming.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “wtf do frisbee commentators talk about for an entire tournament?” I was wondering the same thing and was surprised to learn that it is actually much more than just talking about frisbee players. They also talk about frisbees.

Jeremy is often accompanied by two other commentators during his recordings; Nate Sexton and Paul Ulaberrie.

Sexton is a professional frisbee golfer from Oregon who is often referred to as the ‘Channing Tatum of Disk Golf.’ He is credited for the rapid growth of the sport due to his massive sex appeal and provocative gameplay. Full-grown men from all over the world flock to his tournaments with the hopes of getting him to sign and touch their discs.

Ulaberrie is a successful salesman for Bushnell, a company that sells binoculars, which help players more clearly see how terrible their shots are. His catchphrase is “I could sell binoculars to Stevie Wonder.” And he probably could. He also has a peculiar fetish with microwaves, which is why his favorite disc is the ESP Nuke.

All three of them were commentating on the final day of the World Championship, but it was Koling who stole the show. Instead of describing his Emmy-worthy performance, I’ll just show you the clip:

You can hear that Koling acts completely surprised and even foreshadows James’ hole-in-one with his “’s gotta go in” comment. Even watching the clip back just now, I was convinced that he didn’t know Conrad would make his shot.

A world-class acting job by anyone’s standards, one that I would argue rivals Marlo Brando’s legendary performance in The Godfather trilogy (or maybe better).

With an Emmy nomination and a lot more frisbee competitions this year, the future is looking bright for Mr. Koling.

That is why you dream folks.

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  1. It’s disc golf not frisbee sports! Anne, do some research next time you decide to write about something you know nothing about. Better luck next time dunce.

      • This article might as well be a planet with how far over your head it is. Giant Jeremy is a great frisbee chucker and you sir, remind me of the leafy part of the strawberry that’s left over when you’re done. Also, on a side note, everyone else likes the article. Great work Anne.

  2. Great article. I had no idea Massive Jeremy knew the results before commentating. I cried with him, I laughed with him, I felt pain when he felt pain. I may be going overboard here, but I would vote for Massive Jeremy Koling as president of the United States in the 2024 election.

  3. Very insightful article about golf frisbeeing. I will be submitting this magnificent piece of investigatory journalism for a Pulitzer Prize. Who knew a tall guy, a playboy, and a salesman could come together and give such hindsightfull commentary on such an important event for the frisbee community.


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