Kyle Klein ‘Getting Sick And Tired’ Of Signing So Many Crock Pots

PEORIA, IL – Kyle Klein, a rising star in the professional frisbee community, says that he’s “getting sick and tired” of autographic so many crock pots.

Tyler Smith is an avid disc golfer who saw the incident firsthand.

“I was waiting in line to get my disc signed at Ledgestone,” Tyler Smith, an avid disc golf fan told us. “I remember because it was on my 25’th wedding anniversary.”

The Ledgestone Insurance Open is a large frisbee throwing competition that takes place every year in Illinois.

“While I was waiting I saw several kids in line holding crockpots, but I just assumed they were catering the event.” Tyler explained. “But then one of them turned around and I saw that there were a bunch of signatures on it.”

“That’s when it happened.” He went on. “Kyle looked out at the growing line of crockpots and just sort of snapped.”

“This is the last crockpot I’m signing!” Yelled Kyle, “I’m getting sick and tired of signing these. It’s every single day with these pots.”

Kyle’s mom – who was chaperoning him at the event, had to step in. “Just be thankful you don’t have to sign as many as your older brother Eagle, sweetheart. You remember how his hand cramped up he won the OTB Open, don’t you?”

Eagle McMahon is also a very talented frisbee flinger and Kyle’s older brother.

Tyler told us that after Kyle’s meltdown he cooled off and finished signing the rest of the crock pots in line.

Several of them are currently for sale on several disc golf auction pages, and are selling for well over $3,000.

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