Nikko Locastro Petitions To Remove Shot Clock: ‘I Think I Can Get My Average Up To 5 Minutes’

GRASS VALLEY, CA – The self-proclaimed ‘Bad Boy of Disc Golf’, Nikko Locastro, has started a petition to remove the ‘Excessive Time’ rule from PDGA tournaments.

Nikko Locastro is known by many names in the frisbee throwing community: ‘The Dennis Rodman of Frisbee Golf’, ‘Foot Fault Fiend’, and Nikko ‘Please Don’t Let Him Be On My Card’ Locastro – to name a few.

Locastro has a touchy history with the excessive time rule, and has even admitted in press conferences that he knows he takes a long time to putt.

I sat down with Locastro to talk about his petition, which he only agreed to after I admitted that I liked his tie-dye shirt (he asked me three times).

Chase: “Are you worried that removing the excessive time rule will create congestion during tournaments?

Locasto: “Thanks for complimenting my new shirt bro. It’s moisture-wicking so it makes me more aerodynamic on the course, plus the obnoxiously bright colors are badass. Kind of like my playing style.”

Chase: “Right. So what is your reasoning for petitioning the rule?”

Locastro: “Do you meditate? I meditate every day on and off the course. It takes me several minutes to get my chi in the right flow state before every shot. Plus do you just want to live your life controlled by the PDGA and the government? The excessive time rule is just the beginning. Before you know it they’ll be telling you that you have to use specific regulated discs and who knows what else.”

Chase: “But there already is a regulation disc rule.”

Locastro: “Haha. Maybe for you, there is.”

Chase: “Ok moving on. You often refer to yourself as the best disc golfer in the world despite currently being ranked #18. Do you still believe that?”

Locastro: “I learned a long time ago not to live my life by numbers and spreadsheets. I never even look at my scores or rankings at a tournament. I know I’m #1, which is why I always give a victory speech after every tournament. If you act like a winner, you become one. Whether you are or not.”

Chase: “Thank you for your time. This has been interesting.”

Locastro: “I wish I could say the same man.”

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