‘I Thought I Was Going To Miss’ – 7 Shocking Things Ricky Wysocki Has Never Said

Ricky Wysocki Quotes

If you’ve been following disc golf as much as I have lately, you’ve probably heard of Ricky Wysocki: an up-and-coming professional disc golfer from South Carolina.

Ricky’s record speaks for itself. He has well over 10 professional tournament wins, and just recently won two world championships five years ago. Those stats are impressive by anyone’s standards, even someone with very high standards.

If Ricky can keep this momentum going, I think there is a genuine possibility that next year could be his breakout year. Provided that Innova can keep making enough Pigs for him to maintain his 6-1 Pig-to-hat ratio, of course.

With press and notoriety on the horizon, I decided to scour the internet for exclusive Wysocki quotes before he makes it big and the media gets to them first.

Here are seven never-before-seen quotes that I can definitively prove Ricky Wysocki has never said.


“Hey, do you want any of these Pigs? I have way too many in my bag, and I’ll probably never use them.”

– Not Ricky Wysocki


“I wonder who’s going to be on the lead card tomorrow.”

– Not Ricky Wysocki


“Please get that green tea away from me; it’s bad for my energy levels.”

– Not Ricky Wysocki


“I wonder who that one lady is who cheers every time I throw the disc in-bounds is.”

– Not Ricky Wysocki


“Yes, I am physically capable of slowly walking to the basket after sinking a 75-foot putt.”

– Not Ricky Wysocki


“My Tour Series discs are always in stock; you should have no problem buying one.”

– Not Ricky Wysocki


“I was thinking about laying this putt up, actually.”

– Not Ricky Wysocki

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