33-Year-Old Man Boycotts Tinder After First Four Matches Didn’t Care That He’s Met Nate Sexton

Man Boycotts Tinder Nate Sexton Autograph

DETROIT, MI – A full-grown man was left feeling “completely dejected” after several of his Tinder matches weren’t impressed that he’s met Nate Sexton – a professional frisbee thrower.

“She asked me to tell her about the happiest day of my life,” said Pete Johnson, a long-time Michigan resident, and Nate Sexton fan. Pete was referring to a conversation he had with Tanya Browning, one of his recent Tinder matches.

“So, of course, I told her about the time I met Nate Sexton at 2019 Worlds.” Pete continued. “I mean, I even showed her the photo I took with him, my signed Sexybird, all of it, man.”

“She didn’t even care,” he went on, “and tried to pretend like she didn’t know who Nate was. That’s when I knew she was lying.”

Tanya responded: “How could meeting another man possibly have made you happier than the day your daughter was born? It’s honestly kind of creepy.”

At this point in the conversation, Johnson stopped responding to Tanya and blocked her from contacting him.

“I was upset and needed to prove a point,” he said, “so I decided to delete the app. Enough is enough.”

While it is still unclear what point he was trying to prove, Johnson says he does not regret his decision to remove the app.

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