PDGPTA Bans Natalie Ryan From OTB Open, Offers Her VIP Tickets Instead

STOCKTON, CA – In a shocking turn of events, the California courts have overturned Natalie Ryan’s restraining order against the PDGPTA, making her ineligible to play out the rest of the OTB Open.

Ryan had already finished the first round of the tournament in 6’th place, which many fans consider to be slightly better than 7’th place.

In an effort to extend an olive branch, the PDGPTA offered Ryan VIP spectator tickets for both her and her caddie for the last two days of the tournament. “We didn’t want her to leave empty-handed, which is why we made the offer.” said a spokesperson for the Professional Disc Golf Pro Tour Association.

“Those passes had a retail value of almost $300,” they explained, “so I don’t get why tf she is so grumpy about the situation. It even came with two limited edition MVP OTB frizbees which she could have easily sold on the aftermarket for another $300-400. That’s literally more than she would have made from finishing the tournament in 6’th place.”

“Plus, it’s not like our rules single her out specifically,” they continued, “it affects all of the other trans women registered in the event as well.”

The PDGPTA declined to comment when asked how many other trans women were registered for the tournament.

Ever the professional, Natalie took to her Instagram about the incident with a heartfelt, non-confrontational post that was warmly received by her followers and the disc golf community at large.

Do you think the PDGPTA was out of line for offering the tickets? Could Natalie have responded differently to the situation? Let us know in the comments.

This story is satire and did not happen.

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